Claims Training provides a professional training program delivered by an authorised Financial Claim Company and a regulated Solicitors firm in the City of London.

Claims Training was created by Andrew Mason, founder of Stellar Law, who are authorised and regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of Financial Claims Activities.

Founded in 2008, Stellar Law has built a reputation for quality legal representation and financial claims services for UK clients, complemented by innovative and competitive legal services through its panel of solicitors.

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive two stage training program:

  • to train successful Claims Consultants, so they gain the knowledge and experience to secure an ongoing position within the booming financial claims industry;

  • to provide successful consultants with a complete package, including access to hundreds of prospective clients, innovative but simple technology to automate delivery of an efficient claims service to clients, which ultimately maximize profitability for the team.
In addition, Claims Training’s structure includes regional managers throughout the UK who provide ongoing managerial support to ensure each Claims Consultant achieves their optimum earning potential.

In 2009 the first Claims Training Program was launched from our offices in London, and is set to expand into key regions within the UK in 2012. Training programs are scheduled for Birmingham and Manchester, with other counties to follow later in the year.


Andrew Mason Founded on 18 years of financial and corporate training experience and expertise.

"Claims Training produces elite Claims Consultants who succeed."

Andrew Mason, founder
(of Stellar Law)