What Is A PPI Claim?
A Payment Protection Insurance Policy (PPI) claim is where a person is owed the money they paid for an invalid insurance policy.

How Big Is The Market?
The FSA estimate 22 million PPI claims exist, of which less than 9% have been processed.

What Is The Market Worth?
Citizens Advice Bureau figures show an average claim is £2,400 valuing the market at £52,800,000,000 (fifty two thousand eight hundred million).


What Will The Training Include?
Initially, you will attend an intensive Claims Training Induction, which will provide you with an overview of what you will be learning throughout your claims training program. read more

Do I Need Any Experience?
No, your training will give you all the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successfull claims consultant so your prospective customers are effortlessly converted to clients. read more

Where Is The Training?
Currently the training takes place in London however as more Regional Managers are joining Claims Training, the number of alternative training locations will increase throughout the UK. read more

How Much Will I Earn?
On the claims training program you earn about £120 per claim. read more

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Do you want to earn £1,200 every 32 hours, working part-time from home as a Claims Consultant?

Our comprehensive Claims Training Program gives you the knowledge, key skills and practical experience to become a successful Claims Consultant within 3 months.

All of our trainers are Claims Industry Professionals to ensure you are earning to your highest potential from day one.

Claims Training Our Elite Team of Claims Consultants

Imagine joining a team of highly trained Claims Consultants, all equipped with a virtual office filled with extensive training material, and access to a state of the art processing system giving you the opportunity to maximize your income from day one.
Our elite team of Claims Consultants receive one-on-one mentoring, to ensure they achieve their goal of generating a substantial income in one of the fastest growing and most secure industries in the UK

Would you like to be part of this team?

read more

Claims Business Regional Manager

As part of our strategic development, Claims Training has an additional tier within our already proven structure.

We are looking for a limited number of ambitious and self-motivated people, with business management experience and presentation skills, to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Claims Training is offering you the chance to join its successful team and become one of our regional managers.

The company offers a genuine opportunity to exclusively run a geographical region within the UK with the backing of a well established and recognised Financial Claims Company and its solicitors.

As a regional manger you will enjoy the benefits of multiple income streams. Over the next year a further 37 regions will become available - so now is the time to invest!

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